Minehead Dog Hiking™

Once we arrive at a chosen hiking spot, your dog will get to run around and explore with the group. We find fun and exciting trails to follow that will keep your dog happy and entertained, while also taking water breaks throughout. We spend a maximum of around 4 hours hiking but will cut the hike short if we notice the dogs are becoming too tired. After the hike, we will head back to the van to give your dog a quick wash down, towel off and a fresh drink of water and a treat. All hikes come with a GPS tracked map.


  • Your dog must pass their assessment walk and must have joined us on at least 2 adventure walks.

  • We do hikes on weekends, nearing the end of the month.

  • Unfortunately, we can not accept dogs who don't get on with other dogs.

  • Dogs must have basic training and be allowed off lead.

  • Dogs must be at least 12 months old.

  • Not suitable for dogs who have joint issues.

  • Dogs will get muddy and dirty. We do have towel coats but can't guarantee dirt free dogs.

Prices start from £30


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