Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you come to meet my pets first?

Yes, We will have to arrange a meet and greet consulation before we can accept bookings. Things we talk about are :- ​ Your pets ​Behaviour Routines Feeding Health Exercise Our Forms Bookings Payments Cancellations ​If your dog/pet is happy and we feel comfortable around them, then we can arrange a trial walk for him/her to join in on (not applicable for home visits). An assessment will be carried out including, for example - introduction to our van and other dogs, listening skills, obedience, body language. All dogs must pass an assessment before joining on our adventures. All documents and information are kept under the Data Protection Act. All documentation is included in the consultation fee.

What is included in your consulation fee?

Our time to come and assess your dog or spent going through pet care instructions. All of our paperwork, documention, key collection (if not given to us on the day), etc and a trial adventure walk for you dog. The fee also covers any new forms that you might need to update your details with us.

Are you insured and licensed?

We do have business insurance and we are also hold a licence from West Somerset Council. This means our home has been inspected and all rules and guidelines have been followed to meet animal welfare standards.

What services do you offer?

We offer Dog Walking; this is either solo walks or adventure walks. We also offer dog day care, dog boarding, adventure hikes and home visits for all types of pets. Day Care and Boarding are only available for the dogs who join our adventures.

What are your opening times?

Monday - Friday 9:30am till 5:30pm (All services) Out of hours available - Additional £5 extra per call out. We are NOT open during the Christmas period. 22nd Dec - 6th Jan

Which areas do you cover?

We only cover a maximum of 5 miles from Carhampton. So Minehead, Dunster, Blue Anchor, Bilbrook and Watchet. Anywhere over 5 miles up to around 10 miles is charged an additional £3 per service booked.

Do you have any dog restrictions?

We cannot take any breeds that are banned in the UK. We welcome all breeds of all sizes as long as they pass their assessment.

Do you accept dogs that aren't neutered?

We do accept females and males that aren't neutered on our walks, for day care and for home boarding as long as they pass our assessment. We only accept females that aren't neutered provided that we are made aware of their seasons. If seasons are known and we can be assured that no season will happen during their stay, your dog maybe accepted under the terms and conditions, regarding to your dog being sent to your emergency contact or to kennels.

What type of things do you do on your dog adventures?

We provide a few different activities on our adventures like - "SniffSniff" and "Find It" games (Treat based) Help build confidence Socialization Physical Exercise (log jumping/balancing, running and swimming) Basic Training Retrieval Games All activities are suited to each dog depending on their age, breed, etc.

How would you transport my dog?

Bark&Play take transporting animals seriously. We own a fully customised van that complies with Animal Welfare regulations. Our van is fitted with custom professionally made cages that are spacious and each one has an escape door in case of an emergency. Each cage is supplied with a comfy noodle mat and each dog has it own bed. We do not let dogs from different households travel together in the same cage. We do not travel with dogs cramped into a car boot. This is against the law as dogs should be tethered safely by a crash harness or cage.

Will you clean my dog after their walk?

Dogs will get muddy and dirty. We do have towel coats but can't guarantee dirt free dogs and bone dry dogs when they arrive home. We will do our best.

What services to you carry out when visiting my pet?

We do feeding, fresh water, etc. cleaning of enclosures, playtime, cuddles and medication (if required). If we haven't mentioned something that you are looking for please do message us.

How do I book, pay and cancel my bookings?

Bark&Play only accepts bookings in writing, i.e. text, email or Facebook messages (bookings are never done over the phone). All bookings will be confirmed with a confirmation message. If you haven't received one, then please do contact us. Invoices are sent out by email on Sundays for the following week of bookings. All payment details are on the invoice located at the bottom. Owners have 7 days (the following Sunday) to pay the full amount owned. Any payments not received by then will result in late payment fees. We do not accept Cheques. Please contact us in writing i.e email, text, etc. as soon as possible to let us know you want to cancel a booking, so we can offer the time slot to another. If you do not give enough notice you will be charged in full. Dog Walking - 24 hours' notice must be given Home Visits - 24 hours' notice must be given Pet Sitting - 48 hours; notice must be given Dog Day Care - 72 hours' notice must be given Home Boarding - (full refund) 14 days notice must be given or (half refund) 7 days notice must be given.

What are your prices?

Solo Dog Walks: 30 minutes = £8 60 minutes = £15 Additional dog = +£6 each Group Dog Adventures: 1-2 hours = £15 Book 1+ a week =£10 per walk Additional dog = +£6 Home Visits: up to 30 minutes = £8 add on dog walking? Please contact us. Adventurers Day Care: 10am-4pm = £17 Addtional dog = £11 Adventurers Home Boarding: Up to 24 hours = £22 Additional dog = =£15

Inspected and licensed West Somerset Council - License No: LN00007587

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