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Minehead Dog Adventures™

Action packed doggy adventures out in the lovely countryside or even at the beach! Given plenty to do; run, sniff, explore, splash and swim and we also play games too! We provide dog enrichment fun on our outings, helping dogs to keep focus, build up their listening skills, stamina and social skills. So not your average walk in the park!


Outings lasting up to 2 hours not including travelling time to and from walking destination. We provide safe transport for all doggies in our doggy van and also fresh water along with a doggy snack after their adventure. If you'd like your dog to stay longer with us, we are licensed to accept dogs at our home and we can drop them off at a later time. 

Things we do...

  • "SniffSniff" and "Find It" games (Treat based)

  • Help build confidence

  • Socialization 

  • Physical Exercise (log jumping/balancing, running and swimming) 

  • Basic Training

  • Retrieval Games


All activities are suited to each dog depending on their age, breed, etc.



  • Adventures run on Monday to Friday.

  • We also do walks on Saturdays but they are a standard 60 minute walk, unless we have a group.

  • Unfortunately, we can not accept dogs who don't get on with other dogs.

  • Dogs must have basic training and be allowed off lead.

  • Dogs must be at least 8 months old.

  • All dogs are required to do a trial walk after a meet and greet consultation before joining our adventures. This will include introducing them to our van, other dogs and assessing their body language and behaviour while out walking.

  • Dogs will get muddy and dirty. We do have towel coats but can't guarantee dirt free dogs.

  • Regular Adventurers can stay with us while you're away (Trial night must be completed)

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