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Puzzle Game #01 - Toilet Tubes

We know sometimes it can be difficult to exercise your dog, this can be down to an injury for either you or your dog, lack of time or even bad weather. So I'm going to create different blogs about what things we like to do around our home and out in the garden.

After reading this, you may want to start hording those empty toilet tubes!

All you'll need for this little fun activity is some doggy treats and a couple of toilet tubes.

Photo 1 - At one end of the tube fold one side in and then the other side. Overlapping them to create a seal.

Photo 2 - Once you've done this, flip it upside down with the open end facing up. The tube can then be filled with some tasty, delicious treats! Make sure to spread out your treats if you are making more than one.

Photo 3 - Finish by folding both sides in to close up your tube puzzle, so that the treats don't fall out. Now you know how to make a toilet tube doggy puzzle!

Now here's the best part! Watching your dog trying to figure out how to get the treats out of the tube puzzle. Some dogs are quick and some dogs can take a while, so don't be discouraged if your dog needs a little help. You can help by lifting one of the flaps to make it a little easier for them.

Hiding them makes the puzzle game into a scent workout too!

Once your dog has figured out the tube puzzle, you then can make it more difficult by hiding them around your house or garden. This extra activity will help your dog to use their nose and work a little harder to try and find those treats. This game can give dogs quite a workout, mentally and physically tiring them, whilst they earn tasty rewards throughout!


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