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Puzzle Game #02 - Cupcake Puzzle

I'm glad to see others enjoying my first blog for doggy enrichment! It such an easy way to make an easy past time for your dog. The next puzzle will encourage your dog to sniff and learn to move objects out of the way to get to a tasty treat hidden below.

Who would have thought that a cupcake tin would make a good puzzle!

All you'll need for this fun activity is a cupcake tin and 4-6 balls or mini dog toys. If you do not have 4-6 balls, scrunched up paper balls will do.

Photo 1 - Gather your items and place your cupcake tin on the floor.

Photo 2 - Place 1-3 treats in each hole. Once you've done this, place the balls or paper balls in the holes, covering the treats.

Photo 3 - Annd you're done! Very quick and simple to set up. Now let your dog sniff and work out how to get the treats out.

The best part will be your dog's reaction! Watching your dog trying to figure out how to get the treats out of the cupcake tin with an object in the way. Some dogs are quick and some dogs can take a while, so don't be discouraged if your dog needs a little help. You can help by leaving a ball or paper ball out of the hole, to show your dog where the treats are.

Using a cupcake tin is a great alternative to buying puzzle boards in a hurry!

This is another game that can give dogs quite a workout, mentally and physically tiring them, whilst they earn tasty rewards throughout!


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