The Importance Of Canine Exercise - Part 1

"Part 1 - Going For A Walk"

Adventures on the hill tops in Minehead, West Somerset

Why exercising your dog is so important and how it can benefit you too!

There's nothing like going for a lovely stroll with your best friend out into the world. This simple walk can make a huge difference to your dog's life, not only is your dog doing what they did naturally in the wild "exploring", they are also being stimulated by all kinds of sights and smells out there. Providing regular exercise for your dog can help maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst keeping them fit and active. Being indoors all day, a dog can become bored, restless and destructive, which isn't doing them any good or your favourite pair of shoes!

There are many different types of exercise involving physical and mental activities that you can do with your best friend but do remember, all dogs come in different shapes and sizes, so make sure it is suitable for your dog. Agility, Canicross, Bikejoring, Fly-ball and many more are designed for the more high-energy dog, while a short walk and a couple of scent games might work best for a low-energy dog.

Being involved with your best friend's daily exercise routine is not only beneficial to you health-wise, but it is also helping your bond grow more, making the walk extra special. While it is known going for walk a day helps with blood flow, an increase brain and body functions too!

Exploring Blue Anchor Beach in West Somerset

Nobody is asking you to do 10-15 miles a day right away, just a short walk a day would help you and your dog down the healthy route. Over time you'll may feel that you'd like to walk further and not go to the same field again but instead take your dog out for a trip to the beach. No matter where it is, either out in the countryside or at the beach, you know your dog will love you for it! It's an adventure that they are waiting to go on!

"Dogs motivate us, show us love and happiness and best of all, they go on adventures with us!"
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