Our Services..

Minehead Dog Adventures™

Action packed doggy adventures out in the lovely countryside or even at the beach! Given plenty to do; run, sniff, explore, splash and swim and we also play games too! We provide dog enrichment fun on our outings, helping dogs to keep focus, build up their listening skills, stamina and social skills. So not your average walk in the park!


Outings lasting up to 2 hours not including travelling time to and from walking destination. We provide safe transport for all doggies in our doggy van and also fresh water along with a doggy snack after their adventure. If you'd like your dog to stay longer with us, we are licensed to accept dogs at our home and we can drop them off at a later time.

Minehead Dog Hiking™

Once we arrive at a chosen hiking spot, your dog will get to run around and explore with the group. We find fun and exciting trails to follow that will keep your dog happy and entertained, while also taking water breaks throughout. We spend a maximum of around 4 hours hiking but will cut the hike short if we notice the dogs are becoming too tired. After the hike, we will head back to the van to give your dog a quick wash down, towel off and a fresh drink of water and a treat. All hikes come with a GPS tracked map.

Home Visits For All Pets

Looking after your pets in the comfort of their own home! Letting them out for a toilet break or giving them a meal - whether it is for a dog, cat or rabbit, we can cater for all. All visits last up 30 minutes.  

All pets including, dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, fish, reptiles, birds, etc. can

be cared for.  Please note we do offer add-on walks for dogs and puppies. 

Get in touch to discuss your pet's care. We do not provide home visits for dogs, if owners are away overnight.